Heartbreak Rehab

If you want to move forward in life, the key is to put the past behind you and not to look back. Sadly though, this proves to be a challenge for the broken at heart. Consumed by what could've been, it all comes back to – “If only ...”. Women who put themselves at fault for past failed relationships, burden themselves with an emotional and mental baggage that's not theirs to bare to begin with. They've either given up on love, or themselves entirely. More times than not, they've given up on both.


Heartbreak Rehab will have you digging deep within yourself to look beyond the pain of yesterday. When you do, you'll find the closure and self-contentment you deserve and rise above the heartache and reservation that's holding you back from the true love that awaits you. So be kind to yourself, and learn how not to rewind with this extensive healing program.