Poisonous Men

With so many losers, users, and abusers on the prowl, it can be said that women have their pick of poison. Although having been taken back by that typical boyish charm and rugged good looks at first sight, you could hardly call it love as they end up finding themselves trapped in toxic relationships once the initial spark dies out.

When the curtains drop and the facade is over, it's no wonder why these invested women continue to stand by their man, or even put themselves at fault when they go after someone new. Could it all have really been just an illusion when everything you felt for this man was so real?

If you have to compromise your boundaries, change yourself, and or your man in an attempt to keep that spark aflame, that's your cue to walk. You are not a magician's assistant, trying to convince yourself and onlookers that his cunning tricks are anything other than just that … tricks. Save yourself from the unnecessary heartache and learn how you can weed out the posers and time-wasters from the real men that are ready to commit now.