Training & Education

Heartbreak Rehab


If you want to move forward in life, the key is to put the past behind you and not to look back. Sadly though, this proves to be a challenge for the broken at heart.

Feminine Mindfulness Program

What defines a woman and her role in a relationship? Is it her painted-on nails? Her ability to strut her stuff in an elegant dress and a pair of stilettos? In other words, is our outward appearance what defines us?

Dating for Data Program

Mental and emotional walls built over-time from previous disappointments make re-entering the dating scene seem like an insurmountable hurdle to jump. Fear of opening ourselves up only to be rejected keeps us pining after the same man, or the same kind of men. As a result, love then becomes something surface and dating, routine.

Poisonous Men Program

With so many losers, users, and abusers on the prowl, it can be said that women have their pick of poison. Although having been taken back by that typical boyish charm and rugged good looks at first sight, you could hardly call it love as they end up finding themselves trapped in toxic relationships once the initial spark dies out.